Clothing Made From Recycled Materials – The Future of Sustainable Fashion

You may not necessarily think of the fashion business as a problem when considering current issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of coral reefs, and water scarcity. However, the fashion clothing industry significantly damages the environment and the population.

The great news is that sustainable fashion is becoming the ‘new norm’ for many, offering a solution to the harm caused by the fashion sector. Read on to find out more.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion produces better-quality, longer-lasting clothing that will last for many seasons. Sustainable brands make fashion pieces with consideration for both people and the environment, minimising its adverse effects whenever possible. This means using recycled fabrics to create new garments, something that is fast becoming a deal breaker for many environmentally-conscious consumers.

Many retailers are catering for the eco-concerned fashion lovers among us by stocking clothing made using natural and recycled materials. Who doesn’t love a versatile fine-knit cardi to keep the chill off? An elegant must-have, if you ask us. Even fitness clothing promotes sustainability, with a range of swimming costumes made from recycled fibres, such as this flower print bikini from Jaded London.

Garments Made Using Recycle Material Are Filling Wardrobes

The global fashion business contributes to global warming by releasing greenhouse gases. One of the causes is that the vast majority of our favourite clothing, including polyester, acrylic, and nylon is made from petroleum and fossil fuels. The energy used to make these materials is substantially more than required to produce natural or recycled fibres. 

Filling your wardrobe with sustainable fashion may sound like a challenge, but there are so many stylish options available from high-end brands who prioritise sustainability when making their garments. Autumn is here, and many of us will buy a new coat. Investing in a stunning yet practical long asymmetric coat made using recycled material will keep you comfortable and stylish until spring begins to bloom each year.

Made With Care, Made to Last

Before arriving in our wardrobes, fast fashion items often undergo chemical procedures in order to dye or bleach the garment. Almost 8,000 distinct synthetic chemicals are used for this process. Some of these substances can threaten our health, so you should wash new clothing before wearing it for the first time, or better still, move towards sustainable fashion choices.

More and more people are acknowledging how our buying choices can impact the world around us. Buying clothing and accessories made using recycled fibres is a fantastic way of investing in staple fashion pieces that will last while bringing the fashion industry further towards sustainability. It isn’t just clothing that matters – we all know how important it is to have a reliable bag that holds the essentials and adds that subtle ‘pop’ to any outfit. Take this gorgeous striped tote bag, for example—a guilt-free purchase to see you through all seasons, made from durable recycled and natural fibres.

For an eclectic range of fashion clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, please browse our range of recycled products and keep an eye out for our featured brands who champion sustainable fashion that shines.

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