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Oska UK, established in 1998, is a German fashion brand centred around embracing individuality and personal style. With an influence to Japanese aesthetics, the brand harmoniously curates minimalist designs using natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wool. Each collection sees a thoughtful design process that focuses on sustainability, with best-selling pieces being redesigned to maintain their timeless appeal, encapsulating the brand’s unique identity while adding a fresh take for each new season.

In 2013, the brand introduced a new line, ISCHIKO. This Munich-based collection echoes Oska’s commitment to modern, durable fashion while incorporating the latest design methodologies. Deeply inspired by contemporary art, music, and culture, ISCHIKO aims to redefine wardrobe essentials by experimenting with unique colours, prints, and garment dye techniques. With production primarily based in Europe, ISCHIKO’s expression of sustainability cleverly intertwines with their pursuit for the ultimate modular wardrobe.

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